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NEW: Version 2 Digital Block Trainer

NEW: Version 2 Digital Block Trainer

SKU: 364215375135191

A new and improved version of our digital block trainer!  This is a realistic hand model, specifically of the first, second, and third digits that can be utilized to show all aspects of proper digital block technique and subungual hematoma drainage!

NOTE: Product is sensitive to high temperatures and/or moisture.  Do not leave in areas over 100F (37.77C) as this may cause deformity or destruction.

  • Product Information

    This item is made to order.  Color varies and large orders generally include a variety of shades to best reflect real-life patient differences.

    Models are meant to be utilized upon receipt, but with care, can be utilized for a number of practice attempts.  Extreme temperature may cause breakdown.

    Item ships in 10-14 business days. Customers are eligible to receive a 10% discount on future orders if materials are shipped back for re purposing and reuse.

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